La canción de la Llama Violeta

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La Canción de la Llama Violeta de Lee Ellis.

Iam standing inside the violet Flame
here the heavens call my name
and all I choose to not retain
burns in a love from when surceame.
All the lost and past regret
All the dips are came forget
Sur the purpose in the game
Now return into the flame.

Saint Germain Keep up the flame
Knows no judgement untent no blame
In a bleeding and no fame
We Are One,
We Are All the Same.
In the Flame of Light,
there is no wrong there is no right
No Below and No Above.
There is only Love.

Every Dawn Begins a New,
another path I get to choose.
another month, another hour
a fresh on foulding on the paun
Every Choice begins again
Every thought says I am
Every feeling in my heart
Its a chance to plays part
Once again purpose in the plan.
We Are All the Great I Am.

No Beginning and no end.
No enemy and no friend
Destiny is in my hands & in my Faith I surely stand .
Inside the Violet Flame ,
hear the heavens call my name .
and in the end there is no blame
Iam the love from hence it came

The Flame of Light.
No wrong , no right.
No below and no above
There is only Love and Light
No wrong , no right.
No below and no above
There is only Love.

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